Rewards FAQ

Q: Why should I sign up for rewards?

A:  You’ll earn points towards reward and other member exclusives with every purchase. And it’s free to join!

Q: Can I use rewards together or combine them with other discounts?

A: Except in rare circumstances, only one reward or discount may be used per order.

Q: Can I use rewards together or combine them with other discounts?

A: After clicking ‘Redeem’ on your reward, check to make sure the reward you applied matches the items in your cart. If that looks good, try ordering from a private/incognito browser window, or clearing your browser’s cache.

Q: I ordered but I didn’t log in to my account. Can I still get my points?

A: Yes! If you didn’t get credit in your Donatos Pizza Love Rewards account for an order you placed in the last 7 days, here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you have your receipt. 
    You’ll need your order number, the total, and the Donatos location information.
  2. Visit
    Provide the information on the form and we’ll update your account.
Q: I tried to sign up for rewards but the web site keeps telling me there’s a glitch.

A: You may have multiple accounts connected to one phone number. See if you’re able to log in with another email address.

If not, visit to help us determine what the problem is. You may even be able to fix it yourself! If not, our team is ready to help.

Q: What kinds of credits do I get for ordering?

A: Every order earns you points. In most areas, you’ll earn 3 points for every $1 you spend, excluding alcohol, taxes, and gratuities. Some areas have an alternate version of the program. For these members, details can be found at

Make sure you order at least once a year to keep receiving your birthday offer, too!

Q: I received a different reward than I’ve gotten in the past. Why?

A: Some rewards are granted based on your participation in the rewards program. Because we’re working to make the rewards program better for all our members, certain rewards may change now and then so we can get you more and/or better rewards in the future.

Q: I received a different reward than another member. Why?

A: Offers and rewards can vary by market or even by individual Donatos location. 

Q: I don’t see the points/rewards I earned recently.
A: If you’re missing points, visit and provide the information that will help us resolve your issue!

If you believe you’re missing a birthday reward, it may be because you haven’t ordered since your last birthday, or because you didn’t get credit for your orders. If you got something different than you expected, it may be because of recent program changes! Birthday rewards may vary by location and how often you visit.

Q: How do birthday rewards work?

A: A minimum of one purchase as a member must be made since your last birthday to qualify for a birthday reward. 

Still have questions?

Email us at Be sure to include the e-mail address and phone number on your account!