Donatos Pizza Love Rewards FAQ

Q: Why should I join Donatos Pizza Love Rewards?


  1. You’ll get a FREE 12” one-topping pizza for your birthday*!
  2. When you buy 9 large pizzas, the 10th large 14” (one-topping) pizza is FREE!
  3. And you earn points towards more rewards on every purchase.

 *Available after your place your first order as a member, within 2 weeks of your birthday.


Q: I tried to sign up for rewards but the web site keeps telling me there’s a glitch.

A: You may have multiple accounts connected to one phone number. See if you’re able to log in with another email address.

If not, email us at rewards@donatos.com. Please provide the name(s), email address(es) and phone number(s) you use for ordering.

Q: I ordered but I didn’t log in to my account. Can I still get my points?

A: Yes! If you didn’t get credit in your Donatos Pizza Love Rewards account for an order you placed in the last 7 days, here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you have your receipt. 
    You’ll need your order number, the total, and the Donatos location information.
  2. Visit donatos.com/claim.
    Provide the information on the form and we’ll update your account.

Q: I received a different reward than I’ve gotten in the past. Why?

A: The introductory period for the rewards program has ended. Never fear! The changes you see now will make way for exciting updates coming soon.

Q: What kinds of credits do I get for ordering?

A: Each $1 your spend on food earns you 5 points. Every large pizza you order* gets you a punch toward a free large 1-topping pizza.
*Free pizzas are an exception.

Q: Can I use rewards together or combine them with other discounts?

A: Except in rare circumstances, only one reward or discount may be used per order.

Q: I don’t see anything about Donatos Pizza Love Rewards on my app.

A: Please make sure you have the latest app update. If you’re on an iOS device, it may be a day or two before the update is available, since Apple reviews every release before making updates available.

Q: I don’t see the points/rewards I earned recently.

A: Visit donatos.com/claim and provide the information that will help us resolve your issue! If you’re missing a birthday offer, make sure you’ve placed an order as a member so you are eligible to receive your free birthday pizza.

Still have questions? 

Email us at rewards@donatos.com.

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