Finally, great airplane food.

The secret? Bring pizza.

Order a Grab & Go Combo before you board.

Where to Find Us

Hours vary depending on flight schedules, but we’re generally open 6am-9pm daily.

Terminal  A

Heading into or out of Columbus on Southwest?
Grab some Columbus-style pizza! And check us out on:

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Terminal  C

Delta, Frontier, OneJet, and Vacation Express passengers, rejoice!
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Breakfast all day

Donatos breakfast pizzas and sandwiches. Only at CMH.

Bacon & Egg Pizza
Ham & Egg Pizza
Ham, Egg, Onion & Green Pepper Pizza

Sausage & Egg Sandwich
Ham & Egg Sandwich
Bacon & Egg Sandwich
Ham, Egg, Onion & Green Pepper Sandwich

Airport Menu

Get a taste of what’s available at Donatos at the airport.

Raise a Glass

Donatos Pizza at CMH offers a full bar, complete with signature cocktails available only at our airport locations.

Try a Bloody Mary, made with our signature pizza sauce!

We also offer a selection of local craft beers; check at the bar for our current offerings.